Friday, 14 July 2017


Emily "Foxy"
Nicole Rosie "Foxboy"
The Love Parade "Autumn"
Cortechs "Digestive System"
The Pop Group "Where There's A Will"
The Popguns "Fire Away"
Ryuji Takeuchi "From One"
Spraydog "Lecherous, Defenestrated"
Echo & The Bunnymen "Heads Will Roll"
Memoriam "The Captive"
The Primitives "Things Get In Your Way"
South West Divisional Fellowship Band "Rosehill (March)"
South West Experimental Pop Band "James Remains"
East Village "Cubans In The Bluefields"
Last Leaves "The World We Had"
Jackie Brenston "Rocket '88"
Public Enemy "You're Gonna Get Yours"

Friday, 7 July 2017


Yan Cook "Arrival"
The Rain "The Moneymen"
Goatwhore "Mankind Will Have No Mercy"
Icore "Stasis Field"
Despise You "Give This/Get That" / "All Souls, L.B." / "Bluest Skies"
The Vicarage Garden "You That Is"
Four Brothers "Makorokoto"
Violent Arrest "Bastards"
Lion Youth "Love Comes And Goes"
St Christopher "And I Wonder"
Black Uhuru "Sodom"
Royal Landscaping Society "Moon"
Municipal Waste "Enjoy The Night"
The Hermit Crabs "Game Plan"
Vallenfyre "Dead World Breathes"
The Popguns "A Dream Of Her Own"
Coke Bust "Plan B" / "Community Abuser"

Friday, 30 June 2017

#81: Shape!

The Parallelograms "1, 2, 3, Go!"
DJ Downfall "Shape!"
Pale Saints "Colours And Shapes"
Logotech "Line"
Rodney Allen "Circle Line"
East Village "Circles"
The Field Mice "Triangle"
Jez Butler "Square One"
Lock Up "Brethren Of The Pentogram"
Marine Research "Parallel Horizontal"
Forest People "Hexahedron"
Sven Wittekind "Cuboid"
Michael Schwarz "Deep Sphere"

Friday, 23 June 2017


Last Leaves "Something Falls"
Death Toll 80k "Homophobia" / "Abolish Fur Farms"
The Flatmates "You're Gonna Cry"
Virgil Enzinger "Vector Vortex"
Sportique "Cerebral Vortex"
Coke Bust "Closing The Net" / "Weakest Link"
Icore "Axiom"
Durrty Goodz "Axiom"
Vallenfyre "Kill All Your Masters"
Gala "Freed From Desire"
Black Box "Ride On Time"
Leatherface "Not Superstitious"
Despise You "Temples Of Grace On Hyde Park Blvd." / "Stillborn, Fuck It"
Sidetracked "Blanket Statement" / "Choleric" / "Depleted" / "Wringer" / "Pipe Dream"
Mikael Jonasson "Dissonance" (Niereich Repaint)
Niereich "Das Testament" (Mike Humphries Remix)
Hood "Stricken Office Worker"
Math & Physics Club "Shadows Longer"

Friday, 16 June 2017

#79: variations on a precipitation theme (part one)

Bathory "Storm Of Damnation"
14 Iced Bears "Jumped In A Puddle"
The June Brides "In The Rain"
Ivy "Sound The Deep Waters"
Math & Physics Club "April Showers"
My Bloody Valentine "On Another Rainy Saturday"
The Weather Prophets "She Comes From The Rain"
The Supremes "Bad Weather"
The Chesterf!elds "Shame About The Rain"
Our Arthur "Strange About The Rain"
The Magnetic Fields "All The Umbrellas In London"
Melodie Group "Raincoat"
Wolfhounds "Rain Stopped Play"
Kano "Hail"
The Steinbecks "Change The Weather"
Obituary "Threatening Skies"
The Orchids "Waiting For The Storm"
Scorn "Silver Rain Fell"

Friday, 9 June 2017

#78: Yet Another UK Election Special

Joy Division "She's Lost Control"
Napalm Death "Hung"
Hatred Surge "Suicide Mission"
McCarthy "Governing Takes Brains"
The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy "Disorder"
New Order "Confusion"
Violent Arrest "Government Lies"
The Primitives "Really Stupid"
Bolt Thrower "Realm Of Chaos"
Drumloch "Error Command"
Capital Letters "Do We Really Need A Government?"
Random Number "Discontents"
Ross Alexander "Carnage"
Calvin Party "Lies, Lies And Government"
King Midas Sound "Meltdown"
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "Jeremy"

Friday, 2 June 2017


The Declining Winter "The Lost Summer Strings"
Blueboy "Love Yourself"
Icore "Sigil"
Sev Dah "Sloga"
Fabrizio Lapiana "Interdimensional Bug"
Sandro Galli "Asbestos"
Mr Thing x Micall Parknsun "The Raw"
Hulaboy "Part Time Goth"
Vallenfyre "Messiah"
Picture Center "Fun City"
Crayola Summer "I Know Who We Are"
Ninna V "Kymatica"
Sidetracked "Trojan Horse" / "Splitting Hairs" / "By The Book" / "Checked Out" / "Aimless" / "Enigma" / "Pull the Plug" / "Stalemate"