Friday, 21 December 2018

#133: Best of 2018 - without the A sides

This playlist came about when we realised how many brilliant songs this year were tucked away on albums or B-sides, but would have made first-rate smash-hit (possibly) singles. Some excellent songs here:

Aver ft Cappo “Something From Nothing” (from “Dressed For CCTV” LP on Village Life)
The Declining Winter “My Divided World” (from “Belmont Slope” LP on Home Assembly)
Famous Problems “I’d Do It A Thousand Times” (from “Hey! It’s Raining!” mini-LP/maxi-EP on Where It’s At Is Where You Are)
Svalbard “Pro-Life?” (from “It’s Hard To Have Hope” LP on Holy Roar)
Belly “Stars Align” (from “Dove” self-released LP)
JK Flesh “Mindprison” (from “Wasplike” 12” on Inner Surface)
Half Man Half Biscuit “Knobheads On Quiz Shows” (from “No One Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin Hedge Cut” LP on Probe Plus)
Chester P "Dark Omens" (from "The P.A.S.T." EP on Real Talk)
Violation Wound "The Church Of Go Fuck Yourself" (from split 7" with Cliterati on Tankcrimes)

Jeff Rushin "Rattle" (from Connwax 05 12")
Jug-A-Naut ft Scorzayzee & Vandal Savage "Silk Portraits" (from "Bon Vivant" LP)
The Declining Winter "Fallen Five Minutes" (from "Return To Branch" 7" on Fissile)
Slam “47.20.991” (from “Athenaeum 101” LP on Soma)
Secret Shine “Only” (from “Four Band Compilation” on Emotional Response)
Cripple Bastards “Suicidio Assistito” (from “La Fine Cresce Da Dentro” on Relapse)
Chas (RIP) & Dave “Nothing You Can Do” (from “A Little Bit Of Us” LP on Rockney)
The Declining Winter "Break The Elder" (from “Belmont Slope” LP on Home Assembly)
Fret “List Is Full” (from “Silent Neighbour” EP on L.I.E.S.)
Nazar “Warning Shots” (from “Enclave” EP on Hyperdub)
J Mascis “See You At The Movies” (from “Elastic Days” LP on Sub Pop)

Friday, 14 December 2018

#132: Jamaica

Culture “Too Long In Slavery” (extended version)
Ranking Trevor "Rub A Dub Style"
Prince Far-I “Black Starliner Must Come"
Eek-A-Mouse "Terrorists In The City"
Gregory Isaacs “Black Liberation Struggle”
Sugar Minott “Hard Time Pressure”
Burning Spear "Social Living"
Keith Hudson “Turn The Heater On”
Naggo Morris "A True Them No Know"
Dr Alimantado “Born For A Purpose / Reason For Living”
Junior Murvin "I Was Appointed"
Militant Barry "Pistol Boy"
Anthony Johnson “Gunshot”
Black Uhuru “Fire & Brimstone”
Oku Onuora & AK7 “Pressure Drop”
Errol Dunkley "Repatriation"
Michael Smith “Mi Cyaan Believe It”

Friday, 7 December 2018

#131: It's Been A Long Time... Now For Some Football

There aren’t many good songs inspired by football. But the good ones... are *really* good.

I, Ludicrous “We Stand Around”
Frank Sidebottom “Guess Who’s Been On Match Of The Day”
Club 8 "Football Kids"
Llwybr Llaethog “Soccer MCs”
The Declining Winter “Official World Cup Theme 2010”
Half Man Half Biscuit “Friday Night And The Gates Are Low”
Teen Anthems “Swansea City”
Luke Haines “Leeds United”
The Fall “Kicker Conspiracy”
Sev Dah “Marakana”
I, Ludicrous “Three English Football Grounds”
Tramway “Balla”
Tippa Irie "Football Hooligan"
Pale Sunday “Dirt Pitch Superstars”
Sev Dah “Grbavica”
Pete Green “The Ballad Of Phil Jevons”

Friday, 27 July 2018

#130: animal rights

Doom "Exploitation" ("Fuck Peaceville" version)
Slab! “The Animals”
Propagandhi "Nailing Descartes To The Wall / (Liquid) Meat Is Still Murder"
Wolfhounds “Cruelty”
Rosehips “Bloodstained Fur” (7” Version)
Youth Of Today "No More"
Ultramantis Black "New Paradigm"
Electro Hippies "Sheep" / "Chickens" / "Turkeys"
Gorilla Biscuits "Cats And Dogs"
Dropdead "Unjustified Murder"
Extreme Noise Terror “Murder”
Looking For An Answer "Los Humanos Tambien Son Carne"
The Smiths “Meat Is Murder”
Ripcord "Fur Is Murder" / "Vivisection"
McCarthy "Kill Kill Kill Kill"*

*And yes we know that the lyrics are ironic and it's actually anti-(some) animal activists rather than anti-animal cruelty per se... but still, it's kind of great

Friday, 20 July 2018


BMX Bandits "E102"
38 Spesh & Kool G Rap "Upstate 2 Queens"
JK Flesh "New Build Estate"
Boyracer "Jesus Suzanne Christ"
Cindy "Don't Nobody Like Me Playa, Fuck 'Em I'm A One Man Gang"
Socialist Leisure Party "She Will Flame"
Flowdan "Shell A Verse"
Helen Love "Does Your Heart Go Boom"
Frederik Flach "Earth"
Klaudia Gawlas "Margin"
Even As We Speak "Best Kept Secret"
Culture "Too Long In Slavery" (Extended Version)

Friday, 13 July 2018


The Smittens "Three States"
L'il Kim "Nasty One"
Deicide "Excommunicated"
JK Flesh "Wasplike"
Shades ft. Killa P "Alarma"
Relham "Self-Confidence"
Azure Blue "Crimson Red"
P Brothers featuring Your Old Droog & DJ Doo-Wop "Good Trip"
Madball ft. Ice-T "Evil Ways"
Action Painting! "Laying The Lodger"
Violation Wound "Fearmonger" / "Ruining Everything That's In The Way"
Fret "Closed Syndicate"
I, Ludicrous "It'll All Be Over Soon"
CUB "Seeing From Above"
Svalbard "Revenge Porn"
Culture "Production Something"

Friday, 6 July 2018

#127: Fiat!

(apologies for having been away for a while...)

I, Ludicrous "A Very Important Meeting"
Even As We Speak "Football Star"
Last Leaves "Golden Days To Come"
Rolo Tomassi "Aftermath"
Jeff Rushin "Pantzer"
Fret "Same Pegs"
Doom "Same Mind"
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Middle America"
JK Flesh "PI04.1"
Sev Dah "Rebellion"
Azure Blue "My Final Candle"
Born To Murder The World "Brutality Alchemist"
P Brothers featuring Daniel Son "Saltfish"
Robert Johnstone "Elements Of Control"
Maria Savage "Dualidad"
Svalbard "Unpaid Intern"