Friday, 3 November 2017


Math & Physics Club "All The Mains Are Down"
Fret "Lifford Res"
The Orchids "From This Day"
Close Lobsters "From This Day On"
Gayle San "Bitchcraft"
Foreign Beggars ft Alix Perez, Izzie Gibbs, Dizmack & Sgt. Pokes "Toast"
Phobia "If You Used To Be Punk, Then You Never Were"
Last Leaves "Love And The World Well Lost"
Lamont ft. Slowie "Ar Kid"
Sev Dah "Zastava M48"
Cardinal Sound ft Killa P "Different Style"
Massed Bands of the Salvation Army (International Staff Band, Tottenham Citadel Band and Cambridge Heath Band) "Prelude On Three Welsh Hymn Tunes"
Fireburn "Jah Dub" (Scientist Mix)
Snoop Dogg "M.A.C.A. (Make America Crip Again)"

Friday, 27 October 2017

#96: On The Ones And Twos

Novelist x Mumdance “1 Sec”
Autechre “1 1 Is”
Robert Forster “121”
JME “123”
Raekwon ft. Snoop Dogg “1, 2, 1, 2”
Supernatural “1-2 Punch”
Dag Nasty "One To Two"
Wire “12XU”
The Clash “1-2 Crush On You”
Gang Starr ft. M.O.P. “½ & ½”
Beat Happening! “1, 2, 3”
The Parallelograms “1, 2, 3, Go!”
Pooh Sticks "1, 2, 3 Red Light"
Pussycat Trash “1, 2, 3, 4”
Bubblegum Splash! "One Of Those Things"

Friday, 20 October 2017


The Orchids "Underneath The Window, Underneath The Sink" (2017 Version)
Merky Ace "Our Queen"
Marine Research "Queen  B"
Misty In Roots "Food, Clothes & Shelter"
Sully ft. Jendor "Casablanca"
Last Leaves "The Hinterland"
Ryuji Takeuchi "Nowhere"
The Wedding Present "All This And More" (Steve Albini version)
Culture "Two Sevens Clash" (Peel Session)
Truth ft. Killa P "War"
Cindy "Resident Advisor And Their Fucking Stupid Users" (demo)
Sharky Major "Hold It Down"
Godflesh "New Dark Ages"
Chas & Dave "I'm Going Back"

Friday, 13 October 2017

#94: School Thing!

Eric B & Rakim "Teach The Children"
Period Pains "Homework"
Capital Letters "Cheap School Meals"
Simpatico "School Life"
Bogshed "Fat Lad Exam Failure" / "Packed Lunch To School"
Scorzayzee "Old School"
The Jam "Eton Rifles"
Po! "Boys Who Went To Good Schools"
Diversion Tactics "School Thing"
Violent Opposition "School Makes Kids Stupid"
Lugubrious Children "Bastard Detention"
BMX Bandits "Your Class"
Junior Murvin "False Teaching"
Noisear "Educate Hatred"
bis "School Disco"
Smiley Culture "Schooltime Chronicle" (12" Version)

Friday, 6 October 2017


bIG*fLAME! "Let's Rewrite The American Constitution"
Wu Tang Clan "Lesson Learn'd"
Reeko Squeeze, Trapz, Figure Flows, Fee Gonzales, Tremz, Keedz, Mischief, Poundz "8 Bar Link Up"
The Flex "What We Do"
Daniela Haverbeck "Shameless"
Nikki S & Nyke ft Flirta D, Little Dee, PK, Novelist, Jammz, Yizzy, Scrufizzer, Bossman Birdie, Asher D & Kwam "Ska Riddim 2"
The Orchids "What Will We Do Next?"
Sully ft. Jamakabi "Bullseye"
Roll Deep Crew "When I'm 'Ere"
Run DMC "My Adidas"
Sidetracked "Plastic Smile"
Bubblegum Splash! "Plastic Smile"
Juga-Naut & Micall Parknsun ft. Cappo & Vandal Savage "Gaudi-Gang"
Haemorrhage "Nauseating Employments"
Black Dyke Band "The Liberator"

Friday, 29 September 2017


Razorcuts "Sad Kaleidoscope"
Myrkur "Tva Konungabarn"
The Sweetest Ache "Jaguar"
Burial "Rodent"
Gregory Isaacs "Slave Market"
International Staff Band of the Salvation Army "The Universal Message"
Jetstream Pony "Had Enough"
Culture "Lion Rock" (Peel Session)
Extortion "The Beginning Of The End" / "Get Fucked"
Hoodz Underground "How Do You Feel?"
Unsane "Aberration"
Morbid Angel "Abominations"
Misty In Roots "Live Up"
Wu Tang Clan ft. Redman "People Say"
The Go-Betweens "People Say"
Parish Smith ft EPMD "The Real Is Gone"
Korova Milkbar "Something Missing"

Friday, 22 September 2017

#91: Heroes And Villains

The Bodines “William Shatner”
The Haywains “Dusty Springfield”
The Go-Betweens “Lee Remick”
Yo La Tengo “Julie Christie”
Harper Lee “William Blake”
Lovejoy “Sid Vicious”
Unrest “Cath Carroll”
Jammer “Alan Shearer”
Boyracer “Patric Walker”
Shalawambe “Samora Machel”
Burning Spear “Marcus Garvey”
James Dean Driving Experience “Sean Connery”
Chas & Dave “Lonnie D.”
McCarthy “Charles Windsor”
The Pastels “Anne Boleyn”
The Groove Farm “Nancy Sinatra” 
The Would-Be-Goods “Emmanuelle Beart”
Conflict “Carlo Giuliani”