Friday, 17 March 2017


Chuck Berry "Maybelline"
The Distractions "A Few Miles More"
Slayer “Aggressive Perfector"
Maniac "Victoria Park"
The Perfect English Weather "London In Your Eyes"
Pussycat Trash "Punk Xerox Connection"
Lock Up "Shut The Light"
Relham "7787"
Violent Opposition "Manipulation Of The Labor Market" / "Empires Fall" / "Why There Is Poverty" / "What Do We Get?"
Wiley ft Ghetto "Bang"
Lateral "Traverse"
Nolay "Run Up"
McCarthy "Bad Dreams”
Ryuji Takeuchi "Virtue of Imperfectionism"
Bo Diddley "Bo Diddley"
Kristopher Morder "Black Injection"
Wiley "Highlander Freestyle"

Friday, 10 March 2017


Lock Up "Blood And Emptiness"
Petrification "Summon Horrendous Destruction"
Manga Saint Hilare & Ghostly XXVII "Back To Back"
Niereich vs Hackler & Kuch (NHK) "Finite Moments"
Sven Wittekind "Unchained"
Relham "Steigern"
Ryuji Takeuchi "Precept Of Life"
Taylor Swift "Wildest Dreams"
Melodie Group "Wildest Dream"
Wiley "Speakerbox"
Violent Opposition "Arrest, Convict, Profit" / "The Oil Cartels Knowingly Destroyed The Planet" / "Media Monopolies" / "Lynch The Shareholders"
Pierre Deutschmann "Cold Rex"
ASC "Soma"

Friday, 3 March 2017


Jesus & Mary Chain "Amputation"
Frau Anke "90 kms"
Looking For An Answer "Nemesis"
Spinning Coin "Raining On Hope Street"
The Darling Buds "Complicated"
Sven Wittekind "Cuboid"
Taylor Swift "How You Get The Girl"
Relham "Verstaendnis"
Ryuji Takeuchi "Altered Statement"
Brix & the Extricated "Something To Lose"
Kristopher Morder "Mystical Perception"
Hannes Matthiessen "Subversion"
DJ Ogi "Digging"

Friday, 24 February 2017


Bathory "Storm Of Damnation" / "Hades"
Looking For An Answer "La Carne Del Leviatan"
Jeff Rushin "Atom"
The Wake "Here Comes Everybody"
Razorblade Smile "Smoke Chain"
Television Personalities "Walk Towards The Light"
Seb Zero "One Step Too Far"
Alternative TV "Another Coke"
Prince Jazzbo "Crab Walkin'"
Napalm Death "Suffer The Children"
Joy Division "I Remember Nothing"
Gregory Isaacs "Mi Come Again"
Felt "Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow"
Relham "Ein Emotionaler Mann"
Bracken "Back On The Calder Line"
Frank Sidebottom "The Robins Aren't Bobbins"

Friday, 17 February 2017


Caesium "Raven"
Arab Strap "The First Big Weekend"
DJ Dbmassive "Dust"
My Bloody Valentine "Strawberry Wine"
Obituary "Turned To Stone"
Electrorites "Framework 003"
Ice-T "New Jack Hustler"
The Wolfhounds "Security"
Wiley "Cool Off"
Negative Approach “Ready To Fight”
Jeff Rushin "Wondering"
Brave Irene "Campfire"
Relham "Kalte Menschen"
Memoriam "Surrounded By Death"
Jammer "How We Do"
Doom "Multinationals" ("Fuck Peaceville" version)
Galaxie 500 "Decomposing Trees"

Friday, 10 February 2017


Electrorites "Framework 002"
King Midas Sound "Ting Dub"
Beastie Boys "Posse In Effect"
Public Enemy "Too Much Posse"
Boyracer "Amateur Traumatics"
Taskforce "Solar Versus Lunar"
Stereolab “The Noise Of Carpet”
57th Dynasty "Boomerang"
Sleepy Township "Westgate Bridge"
Ant & Lenny Dee “The Powertool”
Burning Spear "Jah Is Real"
Red Shoe Diaries "Fossil Fuels"
Extortion "Delusional"
Universal Soldiers "Life's Like A Movie"
The Liddles "Sensible"
Chas & Dave "Better Get Your Shoes On" (Live At Abbey Road)
Sidetracked "Feast Or Famine" / "Unhinged" / "No Contest" / "Serve The Purpose" / "Apostate" / "Dead Sleep" / "Proven Wrong" / "Last Ditch Effort" / "Hidden Agenda" / "Defy"
Melodie Group “Goodbye”

Friday, 3 February 2017


Pessimist "Pagans"
Bracken "Heathens"
Violent Arrest "Heretic"
Violent Opposition "All Wars Are Bankers' Wars"
Violent Reaction "Crust Fund"
Aleja Sanchez "Ether"
Sidetracked "In Squalor" / "Subdued" / "Lie In Wait" / "Entry Level" / "Splintered" / "Barren Wasteland" / "Bow Out In Haste" / "Suffer Fools" / "Stave Off" / "Laid Bare" / "Stand Accused"
L'il Kim "Queen Bitch"
Marine Research "Queen B"
Figurine “Not_Love_Yet”
Onyx "BichAsNiguz"
Blueboy "Joined-Up Writing"
Backslider "Gender Commodity"
Public Enemy "How To Kill A Radio Consultant"
Mighty Mighty "Let's Call It Love"
Linton Kwesi Johnson "Reggae Fi Peach"
Electrorites "Framework 001"
Lock Up "High Tide In A Sea Of Blood"