Friday, 18 May 2018

#124: S's "This Is A Test" (Volume 1)

*curated by our sometime guest DJ, the mysterious sweet soul sister S*

Wendy James "This Is A Test"
Girls Aloud "The Show"
The Flatmates "Trust Me"
The Primitives "Crash"
The Velvelettes "A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush"
TLC "Turntable"
Shop Assistants "I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You"
The Supremes "You Keep Me Hanging On"
Rosehips "Shouldn't Have To Say"
Slumber Party "Sooner Or Later"
Velocette "Get Yourself Together"
Amy Winehouse "Some Unholy War"
Sandie Shaw "Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now"
Would-be-Goods "Emmanuelle Beart"
The Ronettes "Be My Baby"

Friday, 11 May 2018


Fret "Silent Neighbour"
E-A-Ski "Blast If I Have To"
The Catenary Wires "What About The Rings?"
Ask: Me & Bedrud "Quereinschlag" (Sophie Nixdorf Remix)
Airport Girl "Salinger Wrote"
Slam "Blue Dragon"
The Declining Winter "Company Required"
Nothing Clean "Thesis" / "Marked" / "What I Do" / "Self Help"
Ryuji Takeuchi "Sort Out"
James Dean Driving Experience "Never Means Enything"
Flowdan ft. Irah "Bodybag"
Bubblegum Splash! "The 18.10 To Yeovil Junction"
Gang Starr "Gotta Get Over"
Loop "Got To Get It Over"
Forward Strategy Group "Apex Trader"

Friday, 4 May 2018


Awdha "This Fvcking Groove All Over My Head"
Sidetracked "Immobilized" / "Fatigue" / "Subsist" / "Trampled"
Mike Bourne "Wine Dark Sea Theme"
Chas & Dave "Roses Of Picardy"
The Declining Winter "Why Is It So Elusive?"
Asher Senator "Senator No Skin Up"
Half Man Half Biscuit "Alehouse Futsal"
Ryuji Takeuchi "Inestimable Variables"
Nothing Clean "I Can Tell" / "Mudchildren" / "Wear And Tear" / "Many Faces"
Third Eye Foundation "Procession For Eric"
Memory Drawings "Unknown Ending" (Declining Winter Remix)
Booty Slave & D.A.V.E. The Drummer "Asylum"
Fret "List Is Full"
Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Friday, 27 April 2018


Azure Blue "Whatever '18"
Septic Tank "Fucked"
The Primitives "Thru The Flowers"
Nicki Minaj "Chun-Li"
Chas & Dave "Nothing You Can Do"
Sidetracked "Deluded" / "Decide Your Fate" / "Wheel Slip" / "Yet To Cross"
Famous Problems "Stop Smiling"
The Declining Winter "Risk Of Collapsing Hinders"
YGG "Strikers"
Nothing Clean "Zero" / "Abcessive Compulsive" / "Hypochondriac" / "The Last Lock Breaks"
Flowdan ft. Irah "Bodybag"
Coke Bust "Plan B"
Biff Bang Pow! "Tell Laura I Love Her"

Friday, 20 April 2018

#120: Peel Session Obsession (Part 1)

Culture "Too Long In Slavery" (Peel Session)
Kenickie "Millionaire Sweeper" (Peel Session)
Dexy's Midnight Runners "Breaking Down The Wheels Of Heartache" (Peel Session)
The Field Mice "Anoint" (Peel Session)
Amayenge "Filiukotuleya" (Peel Session)
Bogshed "Raise The Girl" (Peel Session)
Where's The Beach? "Tripping The Luv Fantastic" (Peel Session)
Brilliant Corners "Arlington Villas" (Peel Session)
The Wedding Present "Felicity" (Peel Session)
Napalm Death "Deceiver" / "The Kill" / "Dead" / "You Suffer (Pt.2)" (Peel Session)

The Smiths "Miserable Lie" (Peel Session)
Aswad "Pressure" (Peel Session)
The Fall "Put Away" (Peel Session)
Talulah Gosh "In Love For The Very First Time" (Peel Session)
Carcass "Crepitating Bowel Erosion" (Peel Session)
Capital Letters "Fire" (Peel Session)
McCarthy "Frans Hals" (Peel Session)
Siouxsie & the Banshees "Love In A Void" (Peel Session)
New Order "Dreams Never End" (Peel Session)
Nirvana "Son Of A Gun" (Peel Session)

Friday, 13 April 2018


Famous Problems "I'd Do It A Thousand Times"
Destroyer "New Age"
Chas & Dave "A Little Bit Of Me"
Four Brothers "Wapenga Nyo Bonus"
Nicki Minaj "Barbie Tingz"
Code Error "4"
Ceephax Acid Crew "Ceephax Acid"
New Order "Sunrise"
Nothing Clean "It's Not Time Yet" / "Simmer Down" / "Gone Wrong"
Bracken "We Put The Pop In Unpopular"
Septic Tank "Whitewash"
The Catenary Wires "Was That Love?"
Rotten Sound "One Hit Wonder"
Vanilla Ice "Rollin' In My 5.0"

Friday, 6 April 2018


The New Year Project "Take The Bins Out"
Electro Hippies "Sheep" (Peel Session)
Sven Wittekind "Reaktor"
Code Error "3"
Third Eye Foundation "That's Why"
Napalm Death "Legacy Was Yesterday"
Aleja Sanchez "The Acheron Passage"
Chas & Dave "I Wonder In Whose Arms"
Flame 1 "Fog"
Nothing Clean "One Of Many" / "How?" / "Leave The Kids Alone"
Krag "Dizziness"
Nicki Minaj "Chun-Li"